GreenLightDaily was receiving National attention and creating quite a stir on Internet forums long before the actual website launched in March of 2011. Why? We think it's because of the team behind the business, but it could also be our sliding scale or even the free deals we give to customers. I suppose that is for you to decide. Regardless of what brought you here, welcome to the worlds greatest deal site. We partner with the best local and National businesses to offer deals that benefit everyone involved. Not only do you get a product or service for 50-90% off, you pay even less when more people buy and also have a good chance of getting it for free. We like free. That's why 1 in every 50 people (or less) gets their deal at no cost to them. Free means 0 dollars and 0 cents. If you feel like you absolutely must thank us for the free deal you just got, send us an email- support@greenlightdaily.com.


Bringing a team together similar to the one assembled at GreenLightDaily would be a difficult task for any company. We literally scoured the planet to find the most brilliant minds, capable sales reps, dedicated programmers and outrageous idea people living today. We probably would have been fine to stop there, but instead we took the whole thing further by teaming up with handpicked personalities, professional athletes and local "deal finding" legends to pass the word along about what we are doing. All of us on the GreenLightDaily team are committed to our work and are adamant about featuring fun fascinating deals that people would actually want to buy.